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Our Suite of Services

access zanü is the premier destination for cutting-edge accessibility solutions tailored for Fortune 1000 corporations, government agencies, and organizations worldwide.

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Digital Accessibility

Ensure compliance with global standards while enhancing user experience.

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Video Accessibility

Improve communication with precise translations, captioning, and audio descriptions.

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Interpreting Services

Seamless large scale interpreting solutions for face-to-face and virtual settings.

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Training & Consultation

Bespoke training programs with the latest in accessibility best practices.


Effortlessly sync and translate with PIVOT, our cutting-edge web application solution. Integrating intuitive translation capabilities, PIVOT puts the power of multilingual communication at your fingertips. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to effortless global communication with PIVOT.

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Government Agencies

  • Compliance Assurance
  • Training Solutions
  • Cost-Efficient Solutions
  • Policy Support
  • Advanced Technology
Government Solutions
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  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Global Reach
  • Training and Development
  • Brand Reputation
  • Scalable Solutions
CorporatE Solutions


Navigating Your Path to Accessibility Excellence

We're not just accessibility experts; we're your creative allies in making your company accessible to all. Whether you're a Fortune 1000 company or a government organization, we're here to infuse every project with innovation and flair, turning accessibility into an opportunity to connect with diverse audiences in meaningful ways.

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